Welcome to The last chapter : Mir 2

based on crystal files, combined with Eden elite project

Server Experience rate : Medium

Server Drop rate : Medium

Characters to play :

Taoist - Warrior - Wizard - Assassin ]






















*New Spells*

Taoist - BoundingCircle ]

Wizard - PhoenixResurrection ]













To be updated ...  ]


  • New item slots

  • item leveling system

  • item shape shifting when leveled

  • items shape shifting when a spell is triggered

  • new monsters ai system

  • monsters elite system

  • new reworked spells for each class

  • new reworked login screen

  • new reworked GUI interface

  • New Caves and maps!


Unfortunetley we are still on the go, We are looking for

a very long rate server and committed to it.

we are still working on the project, however

we might need some closed BETA Testers

so sign up and we shall email you as quick as possible.

​join us now on the journey to fight the monsters invading mir!

its the last chapter after all lets give a good closure !